A Virtual Assistant Defined

A personal assistant is not reserved for the Chief Executive of a FTSE 100 company, neither should they only be affiliated with box office hit movie stars. Personal assistants are for those who simply desire ‘an extra pair of hands’. Those hands can include administrative or technical help or be specialised in a particular area such as social media marketing or bookkeeping.

Personal assistants who operate in a location separate to their clients and have little or no physical interaction with them are labelled ‘virtual assistants’. These assistants provide support to their clients using technology as their primary means of collaboration.

Virtual assistants are becoming increasing popular and are a perfect fit for those who want to save time and money as virtual assistants are extremely flexible and can operate according to your working hours. Their flexibility extends to working with you wherever you are in the world and according to your time zone.

Have you ever considered a virtual assistant and if not, would an extra pair of hands free up your time to do more? Feel free to call me on 07886 561 404 or email me to discuss how a virtual assistant can improve your life.

Diana Quartey


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