What You Should Be Tweeting About To Get Noticed

Being on Twitter is a lot like attending high school; the aim is to be one of most popular kids in school and gain a multitude of followers. On Twitter, those followers fall into various categories, but you will ultimately want them to buy into whatever idea, product or service you are selling.

The idea that Twitter only gives you 140 characters for your status update is not a limitation in getting noticed but it provides you with an ingenious way to communicate. This means that in only one sentence you can summarise one idea and cleverly announce it to the world.


If you feel like you have exhausted what to tweet about, I have compiled a list of mehods you can use to get noticed.

1. Posts from your blog
Your tweet should summarise your blog or state the title of it and contain a link back to the relevant page on website. Remember, your actual blog post should be engaging and relevant.

2. Your experiences as-they-happen
Everyone wants to be entertained by insider information, so if you happen to be somewhere with exclusive access, tweet about it.

3. Tips from your area of expertise
Show your level of experience by sharing bite-sized information to your followers, this can be in the form of daily tips about your industry or service.

Once you have read the tweets in your News Feed, retweet the one that stands out to you the most and fits around a similar subject area to what you would usually tweet about.

5. Replies
If someone has started a conversation with you or has sent you a direct message. You can respond publicly with an answer that will also benefit your followers.

What ways are you currently using to get noticed?

Diana Quartey


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