10 Success Secrets To Learn From Celebrities

Success Secrets From Celebrities

The difference between a celebrity and yourself lies not in their wealth, but in a small number of actions they took and continue to perform in their everyday life.

This is not to say that you will necessarily have the riches and the fame of somebody like Mariah Carey, but consider yourself, like most of us, living way below your potential, and on the verge of achieving something great. Something you will look back on and simply be in awe of what your hands created.

1. They work hard
Nothing can shortcut hard work. It’s just like revising for an exam, no matter how many apps you download about your subject, unless you have actually bowed your head down in between those pages, then you won’t pass the exam.

Working hard is neither easy nor convenient. That’s why not everyone achieves their dreams. Losing sleep, not watching TV or not going out with friends for a period of time, are some of the sacrifices necessary there to get what you want. So unless your aspirations are limited to appearing on a game show or being the worlds most notorious reality TV star, you need some elbow grease in order to achieve your goals.

2. Stay true to your creativity
This is a grey area because you will always need to get open to advice and positive criticism. But there will always be a crossroad where you will want A but everyone around you will be advising B. Generally, if ten men have told you not swim in a river because there is a crocodile, your cerebral cortex will agree, it’s not the best time to go swimmming. But on non life threatening decisions, at times you will need to follow what is in your heart.

3. Be persistent
This is the key to getting anything you want it life. The only way you can move to a higher level in life is to bypass certain barriers. For example, when running long distance, your body will always attempt to stop you. If you plan to run any further, then you have to make up in your mind, and then you will find that you become more capable of running the distance you couldn’t before.

You almost have to be a person who doesn’t understand the word ‘no’ and ‘it can’t be done. Those are the phrases you will encounter as you aim for bigger and more ambitious goals.

4. Outline your values and stick to them
What is more important to you developing professionally or having a work/life balance? You will constantly find your values being tugged at, like you’re caught between two worlds. So in order to prevent conflicts like these it is best to outline your 5 major values, in order of importance which you will stick to all all costs.

5. Try to be ahead of yourself and everyone else
Success today doesn’t guarantee success tomorrow. So when aiming for the sky, consider the clouds or even outer space. For instance, footballers have an average career span of 10 years, but once they have achieved that they can transition to become a manager, coach or commentator. That’s thinking ahead.

What are some of the lessons that you have learnt from other celebrities?


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