5 Ways Children Teach You How To Become Successful

Children teach us how to be successful in life.

Children are wonderful examples of how we should pursue what we want out of life. In fact, this species of little people are intriguing as they can demonstrate specific characteristics we once lost, and now as adults, need to regain.

For this reason, children make worthy subjects of study. Each child has a unique personality with a remarkable set of talents. They have also been given a set of boundaries by their parents, but they don’t let that worry them, instead they creatively and persistently find ways to both express themselves and ultimately, get what they want.

1. Be fearless
Children are best known for being fearless. They laugh in the face of danger and speak their minds cringingly, in the most inappropriate situations. Their unassuming and inexperienced nature allows them to explore the possibilities. To experiment without the fear of failure.

What is it that you want from life? To start a new business? Secure a new promotion? Sometimes you just have to let go of the fear and go for what you want to see happen. You have to return to that child-Iike state, forget your probabilities calculation and take the risk. Nike had the right idea when they created their slogan – just do it!

2. Have a big imagination
Children naturally think outside of the box. They create a world where nothing is impossible and limitations simply don’t exist. For instance, they will defy the law of gravity and jump off a sofa while performing two karate kicks on the way down and in utter disbelief that they could ever land with their face to the floor. In their world gravity works when you want it to.

Throughout the ages, any person who has achieved a noteworthy goal has had to think like a child. To climb out of the box, or in this case, jump from the top of the box, and ignore what the professionals say. Start to imagine the possibilities.

3. Be persistent
Whether the object of their affection is an ice-cream or a brand new toy, they will get it by any means necessary. They will plead, they will cry, they may even lunge on the floor in the middle of the supermarket, proceeding to kick and scream until they have won the battle. The end result will only be in their favor if they manage to bring their opponent (otherwise known as their parent) to their breaking point.

Beyoncé Knowles started her career as a nine year old and persisted, with the help of her parents, to be an established singer. You also must be persistent when pursuing your goals. You must be relentless in obtaining what you want to achieve.

4. Be positive
Children possess an infectious positive mental attitude. They get excited about the smallest of things, whether it is a sound or an object. Something you often overlook can leave them a fit of giggles. Their zest for life is the key to how they learn and grow. The world to them, is one big adventure playground and they long to have as much fun as they can.

You can recultivate that enthusiasm in your own life. Begin to see the good things already around you and to gravitate towards value adding people and activities.

5. Ask questions
Children like to ask questions, which is all part of their learning. And they can ask very basic questions, which can frustrate even the most patient person. However, they expose the gaps in our knowledge when we don’t know what the answer is.

Always ask questions. Scrutinize your world. What can you learn from what is around you?

Are there any particular characteristics that you have learnt from children?

8 thoughts on “5 Ways Children Teach You How To Become Successful

  1. Very good post. We need to be reminded of this concept. I did not like the picture of the child because it is stereotypes blond hair blue eyes. Councillor


    • Hi Sally, the picture merely represents a child who has succeeded in winning, from his parents, the object of his affection – ice cream. This blog post was never meant to incite a racial stereotype but, on a positive note, you have given me a new idea for a future blog post!


  2. An excellent post! I often say that I have learnt the most from my children. Their ability to say exactly what they want and exactly what they mean. They do not hold back or pull any punches. I sometimes feel sad that in life we reign them in so much. A wise parent prepares their child to function effectively in society but doesn’t kill that drive and innate ability to stand alone for what they believe in…


    • Thanks Nichola! I think it’s a challenge to teach them how to assimilate into society whilst encouraging their creative freedom. On the other hand, if we are more like them, to an extent, then it would be easier to help them maintain that.


  3. I like the questions which derives from being a mother learning from children or your own children and your creative mind about children, children are special and unique. Studying children makes you think about your own behaviour and challenges, you do what is best for your child but also help them to integrate within the environment surrounding and paying attention to where they go. I had to put this in first.
    Secondly we need to support our children to be successful but not in what we think they should do we can do most of it, until they get older then, they will make their own choices we should still support them you never know how things may turn around.
    Lastly the five pointers you expressed I see those characteristics a lot in children in my years of service working across the board in a wider scope. Those needs, needs to be nurtured more because those talents are bursting to come out! Your right we should not limit their imaginations to be creative and to be all that they are suppose to be, but rather guide them in the pros and cons of those decisions.
    There is a lot more I can say but it would take but not in a blog because of the quantity of information shared.


    • Thanks Ziena. You have highlighted a good point, and although this blog post centred on what we can learn from children, it also serves as a reminder to what we can also be doing to help our children learn and grow. I appreciate the comment.


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