Why Planning 2014 Could Be The Single Most Important Thing You Do This Year


At the age of 20 I made up in my mind to become a millionaire by the time I turned 30. I made this decision shortly after I had watched a documentary with 5 millionaires from the UK explaining how they had accumulated their fortunes. I wanted to be one of them and gave myself 10 years to make it happen. While on this quest for millionaire status, I realised that I was no closer to my goal than previous years, and my pursuit had been reduced to just a flimsy fantasy. Why? Because I had no plan.

You see, I believe that we all have these incredible dreams, these floating desires which when captured and pursued can yield extraordinary results in our lives. The idea then, is to take that dream and walk towards it gradually, each time figuring out what the next step will be. That’s what Nelson Mandela did. He saw equality in the face of inequality. He had a vision of what was possible although at the time it seemed absurd and highly unlikely. That’s what the issue is, we don’t always think further than what is normal. That’s why it’s so important to plan. We must look deep within and start collecting those dreams we’ve had which are much further from where we are now.

Do it in stages
I admire Albert Einstein. It took him 10 years to develop his general theory of relativity and although he would experience set backs; his calculations initially proved to be wrong, he went through a divorce, he sat through World War 2, regardless of his storms, he continued to pursue the answer to his theory which he believed to be correct. So I’m learning from Einstein in how to be patient with the results of what I consistently pursue.

Create a bucket list
If you’re not familiar with the concept, a bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ or involuntarily end your life. I’ve found it’s a great way of starting my life goals and is
indispensable when setting yearly goals because it should originate from a bigger picture, or we’re just plucking goals out from the sky.

Write it down now
The reason why we should set and produce written goals is to become both balanced and focused individuals. We can pursue one thing and neglect all other areas because we aren’t assessing our lives holistically. Although I admire Albert Einstein for this tenacity, according to historians, he was certainly not a role model in the area of family. In the Daily Mail an article captured a glimpse into the final leg of his marriage Was Einstein the world’s worst husband? Wife ordered to keep room tidy, serve three meals a day – but expect NO affection… and she must stop talking when he demands it’

Below are sections which represent each area of our lives. This will assist you to think about each area of your life. Now the important thing is that although it’s best to write goals in every section, you will never achieve something you don’t truly believe in. It’s about you, your dreams and your motivations.

1. Family – What dreams do you have for your family? You can also set marriage and parenting goals under this section, but please remember that if a goal involves another person always discuss it with them before you set it.

2. Spiritual – This is the most important area as it is your core belief and guides everything you do. What do you really believe? How are you pursuing it? If you consider yourself to be a christian, then how do you plan to become a better christian?

3. Financial – What are you ambitions in terms of income? Do you want to buy a house or a new car? Are there any investments you plan to make in the future? What about increasing your donations to charity?

4. Career – Are you working in the job of your dreams? What do you really want to do? How will your current position aid you?

5. Physical – This includes all things to do with health and fitness. Do you have any weight loss goals? Or healthy eating goals?

6. Intellectual – Goals set in this section will enable you to grow as a person as you open up your mind to new or deeper things. So list the books you want to read, languages you want to learn or courses you want to take.

7. Recreational – There should be a healthy balance between work and play. This section will include holidays, sports or other pastimes you want to take part in.

I would love to find out whether you have started your goals for 2014 or whether you would like to follow me as I set goals throughout the month of January? Please also feel free to leave a comment or email me about any struggles you may be having. Just as a reminder, when you leave a comment remember to select the option to receive replies as I will reply back to you once your comment is posted.


5 thoughts on “Why Planning 2014 Could Be The Single Most Important Thing You Do This Year

  1. I don’t know why but reading this post actually feels pretty scary Diana, I do think you are right that a lack of planning will lead you no-where but right now I feel quite happy just having some down time and spending time with God. I suppose I do have a plan it is just different from the past, less career focused and my idea of success has dramatically changed. I’ll look forward to following your posts in January.

    Mich x


    • Michelle I absolutely understand where you are coming from. That’s why I said that we shouldn’t set goals in areas because we feel under compulsion. Any goals we set should come from a place where we are unsatisfied and want more than what we are currently experiencing.


      • Hi Diana,

        Thanks for this! I found the layout very clear, especially with your suggestions under each section. I can really relate to this approach as I think a lot along these lines and have set quite a few goals in the past. It got me thinking about less obvious goals for each section. The biggest discovery though was that I haven’t done a formal bucket list! How is yours going? I have done a lot of things but never written a list! For me these would include more fun activities like climbing a mountain or scuba diving but I am going to define my activities more broadly now and write them down!… Are you going to the strategic goal setting workshop this Saturday?

        Amanda x


        • Amanda my bucket list isn’t as long as I thought it would be, but I was proud to start it with ‘run a marathon’! Also, I’m adding to it weekly as things come up that I’ve always wanted to do. Glad you’re starting yours, you’ll be amazed at what you plan to do and how little time you have in which to do them! Unfortunately this Saturday I’m unable to attend the P3Ten Goal Setting Seminar but I am keen to buy the recording.


  2. thanks so much for the inspiration, I am a fashion designer and my dreams don’t seem like healthy .
    my aspirations is to have a big store and have good machines and be more creative,but right now I work under somebody, though ii just relocated so for now I don’t have much costumer but I fend for my self with the little I am paid from my daily service..for now I have understanding of how to discipline myself and stay focus.what I need to know now is gow to carry on with my present challenges.


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