4 Common Sense Principles You Should Have In Your Life As A Standard


I actually don’t believe in common sense. I don’t believe that the ability to make judgements are simply innate. I do believe we are trained and taught how to think and perceive and that in turn forms our judgement. So although I say ‘common sense,’ I am really emphasising the need to teach ourselves these principles as a foundation to all that we do.

Now there are certain moments which turn up unannounced, like a cyclist ending up in the side of my car door after I decide to take a dramatic left turn down a side road (it was completely my fault!) So we should plan for the expected, which will be bags of help when the unexpected turns up like an unwanted house guest.

1. Schedule time to plan
Planning and setting goals works. It may not work immediately, but once you understand how to plan effectively, program your satellite navigation for the next galaxy! Start by scheduling time at the beginning or at the end of each day and a momentum will begin. Gradually, it will help to bring order to areas of our lives which are out of sync.

I like planning because it informs me about how I should spend my time, ahead of time. I made a decision to plan each day the night before and look at my week every Sunday so I can plan ahead. This keeps me on schedule.

2. Keep a list
Writing lists are all part of planning. I learnt that Leonardo Da Vinci even had a ‘things to do list’ and couldn’t believe it. Upon reflection, it does make sense. He was always creating, questioning and inventing, he needed those blank pages in order to capture his thoughts and action his ideas. And the same with us. The busier our lives get, the more we need to capture and action.

3. Change something that doesn’t work
We get paid to manage other people and processes, but how much time do we put into the management and oversight of our own lives? Each time I find myself in a position which I could have avoided, I ask myself ‘why?’. Why am I up so late writing this blog? Why did I forget to call that person? Why aren’t there any nappies in the house? Each time I can trace it back to a series of decisions I made, or did not make, and try to adjust accordingly.

4. Learn Something New Everyday
Life becomes more exiting when we allow ourselves to explore and really understand the world around us. Whether we are learning from insects or from men of old, being in a mode of learning helps us to develop and ensures a constant stream of creativity for all the projects we get involved in.

YouTube, Netflix and every other on demand TV service have given us a choice of what to watch and when. We can use these services to increase first in our area of expertise and then in our general knowledge.

Do you feel that these principles should be standard in your life? If not, why? Please feel free to leave a comment. It would also be great if you could follow me on Facebook and on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “4 Common Sense Principles You Should Have In Your Life As A Standard

  1. I love the insight you provide in point number three. I am definitely going to try asking myself questions about why I have ended up in a less than ideal situation. Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    • NobleWife, isn’t it a painful when you find yourself in those painstaking situations, especially when you know you’ve been there before? I’m not fond of finding myself in painful or embarrassing situations so I try to find a different way of doing things and quickly!


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