Achieve your 2015 goals by transforming your existing habits


Our actions become habits once they have been repeated regularly. To save unnecessary thinking space, our brain performs these repeated activities automatically. So now, we suddenly become Robocop with the habit embedded into our code, except we are also the programmer who put it there to begin with.

Now according to scientific research, our habits cannot be eradicated, they can only be replaced. So let me present you with three reasons why you should transform your existing habits:

You are more likely to achieve your goals


Your habits are flying you in a particular direction. If you want to fly to Australia, don’t board the plane for Jamaica with a bunch of Bob Marley look-a-likes. Read the signs and go to the correct terminal. In the same vein, becoming the next Queen of Pop will mean your habit of watching X Factor may have to be burnt at the stake and replaced with an hour of signing to your family (who would much rather watch the X Factor!)

The formula is simple; if you have the habit of practicing a particular skill or talent, then you will improve. Whatever your focus area, the mere act of practicing will make you more conscious of your level, the set standard and what you need to do to develop.

You will develop a patience for accomplishment


Habits bring us back into the present and allow us to understand the hardwork, sacrifice and heavy eyelids which are a necessary part of arriving at a monumental point in our lives.

Habits help us to fine tune the process of success. We can observe how our time is spent on unnecessary activities and engineer our behaviour accordingly. This will result in us making better decisions to spend our time on activities which support our journey.

You will have gained a lifetime habit


A paper published by a Duke University researcher in 2006 found that approximately 45% of the actions people performed everyday weren’t actual decisions, but habits.

There is a part of our brain which deals with complex decision making but once we have formed a habit, it hands the process over to another part of the brain, which automates the process. Because this automation occurs, we can engage in activities without having to artificially motivate ourselves. If we maintain these habits, they can potentially stay with us for a lifetime. Our role, therefore, is to align our daily actions to support our aspirations.

With this said, we need to continually questions ourselves:

Will these extra 3 hours in bed contribute to a beauty sleeping goal as opposed to winning the award for the Hardest Working Entrepreneur in history?”

This year, break down your goals into daily habits. The best way is to pick five basic habits which are attainable on any given day and simply integrate them into your lifestyle for the next 365 days.

It would be great if you could share at least one habit that you will be required to develop in order to achieve a goal that you have set for this year. Feel free to join in the discussion on Facebook or leave your comment below.

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