Treat ‘Time’ Like Your Personal Butler


Let us move away from our hateful relationship with time, watching the clock scornfully as if it has the ulterior motive to see our downfall. We constantly rush around to get as much completed as quickly as possible, as if time were our arch enemy, chasing us with a handgun. Instead, we must change our perception of time because what we believe, becomes our reality. We should now see time as part of our team and embrace him as our own, personal butler.

A butler’s role is to serve their employer by executing orders with absolute precision. The intimate knowledge of the one he serves is a distinct advantage as his main goal is to appear invisible, scurrying away in the background so that his employer’s life runs seamlessly and in order. This is what time does. Time will ensure our requests, will be granted.

There are three specific ways we should use our personal butler:

1. Always have an agenda for him


There’s nothing worse than employing someone who we haven’t devised a job description for. Therefore, time will only carry out our instructions once we have determined in advance what needs to be done. This is why we should always have an agenda for him, as he can only achieve what we have predetermined and announced.

We should intentionally see ourselves as his master. Not in a domineering way, but in using him as a resource for our ultimate benefit. Become a leader in dictating to time what you intend to do so that your life is more meaningful, as opposed to being centered on gaining the highest scores on Candy Crash.

2. Tell him to keep out unwanted house guests


Order your butler to keep out your old friend Distraction. Tell him not to answer Distractions’ calls, texts or emails because if he does manage to enter the house, Distraction will command your butler to do other things in opposition to your orders. He will then invite his second cousin Procrastination and will aimlessly chillax at your house for the day, with the aim of creating havoc around you.

Relaxation is fine, but although Procrastination and Relaxation are identical twins, they are complete opposites in character. Ensure your butler can distinguish between the two, informing him that Relaxation is a pleasant young man and will come back at another time if you’re too busy while Procrastination will try to force his way in the house.

3. Improve yourself so that he can improve 


You determine the order of priority items on your agenda so your butler is limited to your level of knowledge and skill. It is therefore best to invest in your management of him because the more improved you are, the more substantial will be his results.

Find out all you can about how you manage him currently; when do you use him well and when are you most likely to misuse him or leave him standing around doing nothing?

Do all you can now, and work on your relationship with time because he will only along be around for a brief moment before he leaves your service.

It would be great if you could share how you intend to master your personal butler more. Feel free to join in the discussion on Facebook or leave your comment below.


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