Three Things You Ought To Know About Reviewing Your Goals


Setting goals is the easy part. It’s when we review and monitor them that we reassess whether they are actually worth pursuing. This is where we need to pour a gigantic amount of effort and skill into.

You see, we can set goals for many reasons. Those reasons should provide a definite motivation, they should have attached to them a result that we truly want to see, and so the reviewing process will reassess the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each listed goal.

Here are three things you ought to know when reviewing your goals:

1. You need to reassess what you need to give up.


When Save the Children fundraisers abruptly interrupt your relaxing Saturday afternoon asking for your help, how do you respond? You may even be convinced that your money will make a difference, but you will not bind yourself to that transaction if you are not prepared to eat into your entertainment fund on a monthly basis.

Everyone needs to give up something, otherwise no change will occur. Spiderman needed to give up his girlfriend. Russell Brand had to give up drugs and alcohol, and millions of mothers lose sleep once they have given birth to nocturnal babies.

If you speak to any Olympic gold medalist they will emphasize that the difference between a winner and a loser is preparation for that goal. Ask any Olympic athlete. And it is both the mental and physical training which is so demanding that only those who have sacrificed something, are more likely to win.

2. You have researched and become more knowledgeable about the achievement of that goal.


Your desire to pursue a specific goal should cause you to gain knowledge to understand the common steps to achieve it. If you want to lose weight then you should have read about the techniques of weight loss and have selected a technique more suited to yourself. As you read more in your area of interest, you will have armed yourself with the knowledge necessary to achieve your given focus.

3. You should be at a place to do whatever it takes to see its achievement


Sometimes we need to get to a point where we have ‘had enough’. We have ‘had enough’ of cramming for exams, of not being able to carry out a job role satisfactorily or we just want to see growth in an area of our life. When we get to this point, we now have a stronger desire which will unpin our efforts of accomplishment.

Having a strong desire for any goal is paramount because of the set backs which will occur along the way. In these instances, the desire serves as a motivational foundation and will help us through those inevitable challenges. This is what happened to Buster Douglas. He was an unknown boxer at the time that he beat Mike Tyson who was then the unbeaten, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Twenty three days prior to their fight, Buster Douglas’ mother died, and that served as his motivation to be victorious in the ring.

It would be great if you could share at least one motivation which caused you to set a goal for  this year. Feel free to join in the discussion on Facebook or leave your comment below.

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