Give Birth To 8 Daily Habits Which Will Improve Your Life Dramatically

Give birth to new habits

Our habits are those sneaky, little, subconscious behaviours we develop over a period of time which either aid us in achieving our goals or assist us in remaining the same. Most of our habits, like brushing our teeth, were taught to us, so we are constantly on auto-pilot when engaged in the activity. However, we should continue to improve and adopt habits which make life less stressful and more successful.

I have extracted 5 habits which if you learn now, and do regularly, will help you achieve the bigger goals that you set for your life.

1. Plan the night before
There is nothing more satisfying than being in control of your day. If you plan the following day the night before, you are first thinking of the things that you need to do, the things you want to do and then looking at what is possible. This is undertaken by factoring in your overall workload and ensuring that at least 20% of your activity is contributing to a long term goal or objective.

Planning the night before also allows you to join the dots. You can determine what you need to do and when, so the following day you will simply be slotting in these actions as the time becomes available. This not only allows you to stick with your plan, but almost like chess, you will be constantly anticipating what your next deliberate move will be, instead of using your available time to watch random videos sent to you on YouTube.

2. Download your day
Downloading your day is of paramount importance. It enables you to reflect and assess how productive your day has been, especially when you are working to goals or targets that you have set for yourself. This allows you to think through what has happened, so when something related happens in future, you will make more informed decisions.

Reflect by asking yourself questions; what promises have you made that you now need to fulfil? What can you learn from any mistakes you made? How have you treated the people you have been in contact with? After you’ve examined the activity of day, write down any actions you now need to take.

3. Learn something new
It’s important that you grow a little bit each day, and you will see that growth transcend into every area of your life. Jim Rohn, a popular motivation speaker, advocates learning new skills to increase our worth in the marketplace. But whether you are content in your career or need a new direction, your personal development should be your most dominant thought when it comes to your daily habits.

If you feel there is a new career or extracurricular activity that you would like to pursue then make every effort to learn about it on a daily basis. Just start now. You can learn volumes through You Tube videos, an online course, or the purchase of a book related to your subject area.

4. Start your tomorrow today
Nothing else will help your personal organization then preparing the night before. Particularly when you have an extremely busy day ahead and would appreciate a head start. It will free up your time and will allow you to think more freely throughout your day.

Sometimes your preparation for the forthcoming day will simply be ironing your clothes, printing off relevant paperwork or gathering specific documentation for the day ahead. It all depends on the time you have left in for current day or whether it is best you wait until the morning.

5. Stay Focused
Each day life will present you with a range of alternatives and at times will demand you focus on what you had not anticipated. The idea then, is to always have your main focus, that which you need to achieve by the end of the day, always at the forefront of your mind. This will enable you know what you should have achieved and it will be more probable that you will achieve it each time.

What are some of the positive habits you have which you feel have been ultimate life savers in your life?

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